The last campaign drugs and alcohol control of the General Traffic Directorate has produced disturbing facts: One in three drivers are drug before driving.

Of the nearly 1,000 tests saliva drug test performed between 14 and 20 last July, 309 (31%) were positive, according to these results, which show that the cannabis (230 cases) and cocaine (89) are the most common drugs. People who tested positive it has opened disciplinary proceedings by administrative and three of them have been brought to justice by presenting obvious signs of driving under the influence of drugs.

The agency plans to increase the sanctions and put in the spotlight the recidivists-conductors who have been sanctioned in the previous year for testing positive for drugs or alcohol- in the recent reform of the Road Safety Act.

Regarding alcohol in the same campaign, the Traffic Civil Guard conducted 200,197 breath tests, of which 2,244 (1.1%) tested positive.

Of these drivers, 2,054 were detected in preventive controls, 95 more after having committed an offense, 80 for being involved in an accident and another 15 to present obvious symptoms of alcohol intake.

Of the total of 2,244 drivers who have tested positive to the test, DGT has opened disciplinary proceedings against 1,906 and the remaining 338 have been instructed errands for subsequent transfer to the judicial authority.

The DGT plans to increase progressively the number of salivary tests for detecting the presence of drugs or alcohol in drivers. In the last report Druid 13, which performs the DGT, 12.1% of randomly selected drivers tested positive for drugs and alcohol above the legal limits.