Large spaces in the media “got” the leader of a band known after starring in a traffic accident and being hit by some residents of a sector of the Federal Capital. Two very questionable aspects of current social behaviors were presented together in this. On the one hand, allegedly driving under the influence of drugs or other substances. On the other hand, the attempt to take justice into their own hands. Both attitudes not only deserve the rejection of citizenship, but require that all tools that are available to reverse them is available.

On the issue of and beatings of suspected criminals or people who star in traffic accidents has been much talk and little has been done. Society does not seem to tolerate the state of impunity enjoyed by those who break the law. But that is no reason to stand in the same place, violating all the rules and not accepting that is justice which must determine responsibility or blame. Equally serious is ineffective in controlling motorists who drive under the influence of drugs.

Progress has been made ​​in this matter when blood alcohol talking, but there are very few devices that exist to determine who drives consumed drugs or inappropriate drugs that inhibit or nullify their ability, vision and reflexes. Long tirades have been written about the damage that carries all driving drunk. But the same thing happens when illegal drugs, amphetamines or other remedies which cause loss of reflexes, mental confusion and sleep among other harmful and risky consequences for all consumed.

Modern technology enables quickly if this occurs. With a saliva sample is placed in a special apparatus, it can be determined in the same place and within minutes if there any drugs in the body that can cause negative effects and targeted.