If stopped by a police officer and he/she suspects you driving under the influence (DUI), we can offer a breathalyzer test. If the breath test shows a level of alcohol in the blood (BAL) or notice blood alcohol (BAC) of .08 or more, you will be arrested for DUI. That means you are facing DUI charges in criminal court and a suspension of the license by the DMV.

If you blew over the limit, or failed the field sobriety test, you may think you just have to plead guilty. You may think that no use for it pay a DUI lawyer to fight the charges. However, a DUI is like any other criminal offense. You have the presumption of innocence, and you have the right to hire a lawyer to help fight DUI charges. With an aggressive defense, the possibility exists that the DUI case be dismissed or you are found not guilty and thus avoid a DUI conviction.

Sometimes, the charges of a DUI can be canceled or charges can be dismissed because the officers did not make a legal arrest. Other times, DUI charges can be dismissed by the officers did not properly administer sobriety test or breathe test. Sometimes a DUI case can be dismissed because the officer did not wait the appropriate amount of time before taking the breath test, or not given the Miranda warnings about the right to remain silent and the right to a lawyer as required.

Let our DUI lawyer DUI analyze your case with you. He can talk to you about the steps of your case and help you identify potential remedies that you can use in your case to try to get the case dismissed or reduced charges.

As soon hire us for fight DUI, request a formal review with the DMV. Let’s quote the official in his case and make legal motions on his behalf. If we succeed, gets your license pending the outcome of his DUI. If we fail to avoid license suspension while waiting, we will help you obtain a license difficulty. Difficulty license is a restricted license which gives you limited privileges, such as driving: driving to work, driving to school children and lead to medical appointments.

Our lawyer knows the DUI laws. Call us and our DUI lawyer study your case with you and talk about the motions of DUI and other options available. Our DUI lawyer will also let you know of the possible penalties for DUI facing. The initial consultation is free.

If after talking to our DUI lawyer, you decide to hire us, we will know the cost in advance. We charge a fixed price for most of our services.