So I’ve had a couple or three or four drinks and decided to get behind the wheel of his car. You have not necessarily done anything wrong as speeding or have an accident, but were arrested anyway. If you have had more than one or two drinks more likely they are to be quoted or charged with driving under the influence. If you are arrested and charged then you need to get a lawyer. Having a DUI lawyer on your side can help you with your charges and may be able to help you stay on track. One of the main things that many people with such charges is to have time in jail. You will often find that if you are a first time offender could end up with a simple test.

Those who decide to take this situation on themselves and have a DUI lawyer could often be found in solitary confinement for days or months. If you have an experienced attorney on your side then you might be able to avoid spending the time behind bars. Certified DUI lawyer can also help you keep your license. When you are charged with a DWI charge as your license is suspended normally within 10 days of arrest.

If you get a lawyer immediately below that can help you get the documentation so you can keep your license. Now if you are a multiple offender to his lawyer might not be able to save your license. The possible can help reduce the time you do not, it is regardless of your experience with your lawyer is not much you can really do.

A DUI lawyer can also help reduce the amount of time in jail, if any, that you will have to serve. As with your license, you will be subject to registration and the letter of the law. If you are a first time offender, however, your attorney may be able to get any time commuted to probation and fines instead of spending time behind bars.

Having an experienced attorney may be your best bet to keep you out of jail and on the road, even if you made a mistake, such as driving under the influence. You really need a DUI lawyer on your side during this time.